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MICE travel exclusive: cheaper, greener, safer? ASTM summer conference for corporate buyers in Zurich!

Are you a travel manager? A MICE buyer? The Association of Swiss Travel Management now holds its summer conference on 2 July in the Swiss business hub Zurich at the Sheraton Hotel. Attend the ASTM summer conference free of charge, brought to you by


by Sabah Kahoul, Dominic Short* || 12 June 2024



ASTM is the platform for the MICE-Industry, where buyers and suppliers exchange professional know how. ASTM is a know-how market place for the MICE and travel industry, where best practices can be shared across sectors and from global leaders down to SMEs.


The Association of Swiss Travel Management ASTM Summer Conference takes place in Zurich on July 2nd, and ASTM would be very happy to see youuuu.

* Sabah Kahoul is Co-President Association of Swiss Travel Management

* Dominic Short is Co-President Association of Swiss Travel Management.

What’s going on? Travel Managers Buyers Talk

Exclusive session for corporate buyers focusing on the key topics shaping business travel in 2024. From Hotel Program RFPs to NDC, join us as we address the pressing issues facing travel procurement managers, event organizers, and those overseeing corporate travel expenditures. Gain valuable insights and strategies to optimize your travel programme and drive business success. Session for corporate only.


Timo Wäschle - Your Time to Shine

Personal branding, self-marketing, and speak storytelling are an incremental skill that everyone needs to have those days to get recognised by your community, in your family, or even on Linkedin and all those platforms. Timo is a storytelling expert, coach, and filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. He used to be a radio host and coached and consulted a lot of personal brands and international companies on how to tell their story and how to shine. But now it's your time to shine with your personal brand. In his keynote, he will show you all the essentials, the mindset, the tools, the tips and tricks, the do's and don'ts of your personal brand. And after that, you'll be sure how to do your stuff and get it going.


Matthew Holman Never Give Up: Our Journey with Wellbeing

This interactive session will help us to understand more about who we are, how we change over time, and how investing in our own personal wellbeing has to be our number 1 priority. We are humans first, unique through our personal experiences, defined by our own expectations, and yet often our hardest critic. Wellbeing, mental health, and neurodiversity are all growing topics of conversations across the global community. In this session we will explore further and deeper to the reasons why these conversations are changing, and how we can all frame these with more positive thoughts in the future. The answer to the more challenging questions is simple, prevention and early intervention is vital.


What’s in it for me? Virtual Cards: The Catalyst for Innovation in Commercial Payments

André Dehm, Commercial Sales Director, Central Europe, VISARomain Mialane, B2B Payments, Treasury & Working Capital, Sales Lead Europe, VISARobert Troy, Sales Commercial Cards & Strategic Channel Management, UBSMagaly Charlier, Director Product Management I Card Payment and Financing, TauliaGiorgio Giurdanella, Head of Enterprise Growth, BillhopPresentation on the latest news and trends from the payment market, followed by a panel discussion.

Navigating Safely: Enhancing Cybersecurity in Travel

Pierre Messus, CIO, RSM SwitzerlandIn an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to travel. Join us for a comprehensive session that delves into the crucial aspects of cybersecurity during travel. Pierre will begin by examining the general and global landscape of cybersecurity, exploring its implications for businesses of all sizes. From there, he'll narrow our focus to cybersecurity specifically during business travel, addressing the unique risks and challenges faced by professionals on the move. Finally, he'll conclude with practical insights and strategies for maintaining cybersecurity in our day-to-day lives, both professionally and personally.


Look! ABB, Accelleron, Gavi, Nestlé, FIFA, Partners Group, International Committee of the Red Cross, EPFL, Antoneum are only some of the high profile registered companies! It will be a great opportunity for you to join and to network with your peers on any topic related to your day-to-day activities on business travel and your strategic projects. The ASTM summer conference has a diverse programme where you can learn more about personal branding and wellbeing.



TAKE OUT: ASTM Summer Conference, Zurich, 2 July 2024 Agenda

09:00 Welcome Coffee and Accreditation at the Sheraton Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

09:15 IntroductionSabah Kahoul and Dominic Short, Copresidents, ASTM

09:30 Travel Managers/Buyers Talk11:30 Coffee Break and Welcome Partners

11:50 Keynote - Your Time to Shine12:20 Networking Lunch

13:40 Never Give Up: Our Journey with WellbeingMatthew Holman, Owner Mental Health Trainer and Business Consultant, Simpila

15:10 Coffee Break

15:20 Virtual Cards: The Catalyst for Innovation in Commercial Payments16:20 Navigating Safely: Enhancing Cybersecurity in TravelPierre Messus, CIO, RSM Switzerland

17:00 Networking Reception at 25hours Hotel


PS: You require accommodation? Please let ASTM know and ASTM can arrange it for you.


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