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71% of younger generations place greater trust in brands they've interacted with at events! Happy New Event 2024!

As AI-powered content and avatars surge and as online marketing reaches new heights of optimization, I predict an explosive growth in events.


From Roland Kümin*, Urs Seiler* || 2 January 2024 || Coverstory auf Deutsch


Remember, events possess an authenticity that can't be replicated digitally. They fulfill the human desire for connection, something increasingly precious in our tech-saturated world.


2024 beckons as a watershed year for the event industry, marked by a blend of technological innovation and a return to the intrinsic human need for connection and community. It's a thrilling time to be part of this evolution, as we navigate and shape the future of events. Let's embrace these trends, challenges, and opportunities, as we chart a course through the ever-evolving landscape of event marketing.


In our conversations with event planners they share an overwhelmingly positive outlook for 2024. This optimism, interestingly, thrives amidst an inflationary economy, global political conflicts, and widespread sector layoffs.


Recent research by GTM partners and Splash has illuminated a staggering fact: attendees of events bring about 10 times more ROI compared to non-attendees (see Splashthat). Amex has echoed this sentiment too, placing events just behind online ads in B2B marketing budgets. Moreover, Freeman revealed a striking trend: 71% of younger generations place greater trust in brands they've interacted with at events.


So, here's our prediction for 2024: Events will ascend as the preferred marketing channel.


The blend of hybrid, virtual, and in-person events, coupled with the rich, repurposed content born out of these interactions, positions events as a veritable marketing goldmine.


But, don't overlook these emerging trends:

  • A drive towards cost-effectiveness, spurred by the living cost crisis.

  • Enhanced flexibility in ticket purchasing.

  • AI, not just as a buzzword, but as a pivotal planning tool.

  • A deepened commitment to sustainability.

  • Data-driven decision-making.

  • Community-centric events.


As we look to the future, it's evident that event technology has evolved into the backbone of contemporary events. It's revolutionizing our planning, organizing, and execution processes. The horizon broadens daily, with advancements ranging from registration and ticketing platforms to event apps, live streaming tools, and immersive virtual reality experiences. AI, data analytics, and interactive technologies are equipping event planners with a diverse arsenal to craft engaging, memorable experiences.


*Roland Kümin (left) is tech editor, Urs Seiler publisher at





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